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How women meet men
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 Going back to single women.
Going back to single women. These girls would attack me when they found out that I was single. And believe me, they’ll ask your common friends about you. While interviewing these women, almost all of them made sure they got the new guy before he disappeared, never to be seen again.

 Pick-up skills
Now you understand why it’s so backwards for you to spend all of your time “in field” if you’re looking for a good girlfriend. It’s your pick-up skills that’ll get you the girl, but it’s your social skills that you need to work on if you want to grow your social network and get access to these women. What good is your pick-up skills if you can’t even open the door?

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Continuing with my discussions about my interviews with hundreds of women (I interview anywhere from 2-5 women per day), let’s talk about where you’re going to meet decent single women. First, let me say this: you will not meet your potential boyfriend or wife in a night club or bar. Those are for one night stands and nothing more.

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 Best bet at meeting women
As I mentioned in an earlier post the only women that have met their current girlfriend or husband in a bar, were those that had mutual friends. And speaking of mutual friends, that is going to be your best bet at meeting women. I’d say that out of all the women in relationships that I talked to, 8 out of every 10 met their spouse through common friends. It’s as if you get a golden seal of approval if you have friends in common or someone that the two of you know introduces you. Almost every time I asked a woman how she met her current boyfriend or husband, they were out with friends, and one of their friends happened to bring a boy along that they had never seen before.

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 Online Dating
The other 2 out of 10? They either knew each other from high school (and surprisingly, these people mostly went to separate colleges and later met up again after college), or they met online. In fact, more women then I thought met their current husbands or boyfriends through an online website. The most popular website among the women I interviewed?

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 Competition online
And with the vast amount of competition online, you probably don’t want to go here. I was reading Freakonomics, and it said that 53% of the men on online dating websites never receive a single message. So unless you’re damn near perfect, you’re wasting your time online. It’s more work than it’s worth. What about the rest of the single women? Where are they if they aren’t at bars and night clubs? And trust me, you don’t want a single girl that frequents night clubs all the time, as this type is usually a club slut and it won’t be long before she cheats on you or goes to another guy. It’s part of the night club culture.

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 Dating in the gym
Back to what I was saying, where are you going to meet single good girls? The gym is more popular than I thought. Almost every single girl I talked to goes to the gym. Why? Because they’re single and want a man, so they go to the gym to get in shape. And if I recall correctly, The Peacemaker picked up a fucking dime piece at a gym. From women, I just kept hearing “I work out at the gym.” or something of that nature, over, and over, and over again.

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 Women Are Busy
Most single women are incredibly busy. They all have this “I’m focusing on my career”, mentality, and they don’t find much time to go out. That’s why it is imperative that you ask your friends if they know of any single women that they could possibly set you up with. And the good thing about this, is if they can’t, they’ll tell you exactly why they don’t think you’re a fit for anyone they know.

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